1. These terms and conditions apply to the service and maintenance agreement provided by Crow Valley Gas for gas central heating systems with boilers and circulating warm air heating systems running on natural gas.
  2. Crow Valley Gas is a GAS SAFE registered company and we will maintain your central heating system using GAS SAFE registered engineers.
  3. This agreement covers the cost of all parts and labour (including VAT) associated with any repairs required to maintain your central heating system in working order. There are no limits to the number of callouts you may have during the course of this agreement.
  4. We will carry out an annual inspection of your central heating system and a full service of your boiler (subject to manufacturer’s recommendations).
  5. We will confirm that we can provide complete fault and breakdown cover for your central heating system either during or shortly after out annual inspection.
  6. Some boiler makers and model limitations apply and only central heating systems which comply with the relevant British Standards will be covered.
  7. We do not apply system age limitations providing spare parts are still available.


  1. Annual service visits will be carried out on an agreed date during normal working hours.
  2. Breakdown calls will be treated as a priority over service calls.
  3. If we agree the breakdown is an emergency, we will respond to it at all times as a priority, including at weekends and on public holidays.
  4. We aim to provide you with a quality service that fits with your requirements. If for any reason you will not be available for an agreed appointment time, you should contact us at the earliest opportunity to agree an alternative appointment.

Start Date and Payment

  1. For new agreements, cover will start 14 days after we accept your application, subject to receipt of payment where applicable. Any repairs required during this 14 day cooling off notice period will be chargeable and are not covered under the terms of this agreement.
  2. After your 14 day cooling off notice period we will provide you with complete fault and breakdown cover. If a breakdown call is initated by you prior to our initial annual inspection, we reserve the right to charge you for any remedial repairs, if in our opinion the fault would have been identified at the inspection.
  3. We aim to undertake our initial inspection and service of your central heating system within 28 days of your agreement start date (after the 14 day cooling off period).
  4. Payment must be made monthly by direct debit or as a single payment in advance of your agreement start date.
  5. If payments are late outstanding balance will accrue interest at 8% per annum until the invoice is paid.


  1. We will provide you with notice of your agreement renewal date and the cost of renewal.
  2. On renewal we will continue to provide you with cover, subject to receipt of payment where applicable, unless you cancel your agreement.
  3. We aim to undertake our annual inspection and service of your central heating system within 28 days of your agreement renewal date.

Remedial Work

  1. At the initial inspection, our engineers will identify any remedial work required to bring your central heating systems up to our standards. Any remedial work performed by us will be chargeable and payable prior to this work being carried out.
  2. If you decline to undertake the remedial work identified, we will cancel the agreement and any payments made by you prior to this will be refunded, subject to any charges payable for work already performed by us.


  1. LPG, Oil or under-floor heating systems are currently excluded from this agreement. separate agreement exits for these if required.
  2. This agreement only covers central heating systems at properties owned and occupied by the person taking out the agreement, unless otherwise agreed by us in writing.
  3. This agreement does not cover properties occupied by tenants. Separate Terms and Conditions exist for Landlord cover and are available on request.
  4. This agreement covers on boiler per domestic property. Properties with more than one boiler will require additional cover.
  5. This agreement excludes all commercial rated boilers or boilers used in commercial premises.
  6. The heat input capacity of the boilers we cover is limited to 38K output.
  7. If we have to replace any parts to maintain your central heating system we retain the option to do so using parts of a similar specification.
  8. Limitations on spare parts may mean it is not always possible to repair a particular fault. If we are liable to reasonably source spare parts, you will be eligible for a 10% discount off the cost of a replacement boiler, if you choose us to perform the work.
  9. If spares are available but in our opinion the cost of carrying out a repair to your boiler is more than the cost of providing a replacement, we reserve the right to replace your boiler with one of a similar output.
  10. Any costs associated with changes required to your system to ensure it complies with current legislation and industry standards will not be covered by this agreement.
  11. We do not cover the cost of repairs required due to systems or manufacturer design faults.
  12. We will not cover repairs that are requires as a consequence of your own, or a third party misuse, negligence or damage.
  13. The agreement does not cover the cost of flushes to remove sludge and other waste from your central heating system (PowerFlush). Any system flush work performed by us will be chargeable and payable prior to the work being carried out.
  14. We do not cover the cost of faults to the central heating system caused by changes or failure to utility supplies (electricity, gas or water) or floods, storms, freezing, lightning, explosion, subsidence, or any other structural changes.
  15. We reserve the right to charge for work required to rectify blockages, removal of airlocks or the removal of asbestos.
  16. This agreement only covers the cost of repairing copper and approved plastic pipe-work. It does not cover the cost of replacing pipe-work.
  17. This agreement does not cover the cost of repairing or replacing flutes that are not part of the boiler.
  18. We reserve the right to charge for work required to gain access to your system if it is built into the fabric of your building. This would include pipes buried in walls or floors.
  19. The cost of redecoration and replacement or repair of any fixtures and fittings is not covered by this agreement.
  20. Central heating systems will deem to be non-standard may attract an additional charge which will not be identified at our annual inspection. This would include but is not restricted to Powermax boilers, Gledhill thermal stores and unvented hot water cylinders.


  1. Either party can cancel this agreement with at least 14 days written notice. Cover will cease immediately once this notification has been received and processed by us.
  2. Examples of why we might have to cancel your agreement include:
  3. You giving false informationYou failing to make the unnecessary paymentsWe being unable to find spare parts to allow us to maintain your central heating system; orAny change of circumstance which prevents us from maintaining your central heating system in safe working order.
  4. If either part cancels the agreement after we have carried out an annual inspection and service or any repairs to your central heating system, a charge will be made t cover the costs which we have yet to reclaim at the point of cancellation. The maximum amount chargeable is £120 (including VAT).
  5. If either party cancels the agreement after we have agreed to spread the payment for remedial work over the period of your cover, a charge will be made to the cover the remedial work costs which we have yet to reclaim at the point of cancellation.
  6. If either party cancels the agreement and you have paid in advance for your annual cover, you will receive a refund for the period remaining on your agreement, subject to any charges payable.
  7. If both parties cancels the agreement and you pay monthly by direct debit, we will stop taking payments after we have processed the cancellation, although you will still be liable for any outstanding charges.
  1. We may assign or transfer all or any part of our rights and subcontract any of our obligations under this agreement without your consent provided that the transferee holds GAS SAFE registration where necessary.
  2. This agreement can only be transferred between properties or persons with our prior written consent.
  3. We reserve the right to vary the terms and conditions for the maintenance of your central heating system.
  4. Any delay on our part in enforcing any term, condition, right or remedy in respect of this agreement will not be deemed to be a waiver of any such term, condition, right or remedy.
  5. Except for death or personal injury caused by negligence acts as commissions we will only be liable for any loss or damage which is a reasonably foreseeable consequence of a breach of this agreement, up to a maximum liability of £100,000 in any calendar year. Neither you nor we are liable to other for indirect consequential, economic or financial loss or damage (including loss of profit, revenue, goodwill, business, contract or wasted expenses) or for loss or damage caused by circumstances which we do not control).
  6. Notices required under this agreement will be in writing and delivered by hand, sent by post, facsimile or email (where available). We will send notices to your billing address. We will assume you have received the notice 2 working days after we have sent it unless we receive evidence to the contrary. You must send notice(s) by post to us.